Plastic Surgery Patient Testimonials Kansas City

Well, I’m being brave enough to show you this photo. One year ago I was strong enough to have an operation to help close my eye. It was a goal of mine for 19 years I would wake up every morning with a burning sensation from it not being able to close. One year ago I was able to close my eye for the first time. Not once have I woken up with a burning sensation. I am beyond happy to have finally achieve this goal! A huge thank you to my family, friends, Dr. Singhal and his staff for being there for all those years! (V.C.)

Dear Dr. Singhal,

I would like to write to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I am writing for a AP Psychology project. You’ve have changed my life so dramatically. I look and feel like a different person because of you. I’ve worked with you since I was born and you’ve always talked to me, not over me even since I was a small child. You’ve always made me feel free to make my own decisions and you were open to anything I suggested. I never didn’t know what was going on and I was very lucky to have a doctor like you. Especially since you have worked with me. The patient doctor relationship was always the strongest I had. You always go straight to me and made sure I was aware what I was getting into.

I’m very glad I have a doctor who is as great as you for as long as my cleft palate procedures last. I was so upset when you left Children’s Mercy because I thought you moved somewhere else and I didn’t like the other doctors, but I did research and found you again. You and your nurses make me feel so welcome. I’ve never felt uncomfortable or unhappy with what you do and I only look better each time. You’ve boosted my confidence and overall life. Thank you for being a amazing doctor to me and doing everything you do.

Erin P.

I have nothing but praise for Dr. Singhal. He is without doubt one of the kindest medical professionals I have ever met. He is attentive, caring, outgoing and professional. My personal situation is one of going through a major weight-loss journey and finally being able to look forward after a lifetime of poor body image issues, among other things. I am terrified of general anesthesia and the thought of skin reduction surgery once my goal weight is reached was not an option. In doing my research for alternatives, I was hoping to find a provider with not only the knowledge, but also the caring to understand my particular case…I found all that with Dr. Singhal and his staff members. (L.T.)

I want to express my deepest appreciation for your kindness, competence, thoughtfulness, artist talents, calm nature and for being a dream doctor. Thank you for making me feel safe and in good hands. I adore your dream team. I wish you good health and happiness always. Fondly, (J. L.)

According to Dad, your a hero. He considers you the Superman who swooped in when little hope was all that remained. And honestly, I can’t say that he’s embellishing upon the truth one bit. A couple of years ago, before one of my surgeries, you took me aside and gave me the straight up through; no beating around the bush, no lies. That honestly meant the world to me. My family always thought that I was somehow to fragile to handle the truth. Though I can completely understand why they did what they did, the fact that you thought enough of me to know that I was capable of handling the truth meant more to me than you can ever know. That’s what sets you aside from other doctors, you have the capacity to actually care and know your patients. Like you said on our last hospital visit, “You’re like family.” (L. B.)

It is no wonder why so many parents entrust you with our children. You are the best of the best and we are truly grateful for all of the sacrifices that you have made for all of our children. So thank you Dr. Singhal for loving all of the children in your practice and around the world. (M.S.)

In our family , we call you “The Magician” because you made our son’s cleft repair beautiful with the turn of your hand. You have an amazing ability to help families fell at ease, while knowing that their child is in the care of one of the nation’s top surgeons. Your kind smile, soft hands, and hard work have made a life long impact on our son. Thank you for working your “magic” on him. (B. S.)

“You are my (and my parents) hero! We appreciate all of the care, commitment, and support that you give to our family. Thank you for all that you do” (B.D.)

Thank you for working on me all these years. You are a very great man with a special place in heaven. (M.V.)

What a unique relationship we have with you! Not many people are able to dominate so much of your expertise and brilliance like our family has. Three children with the same condition is not too common, or so we are told. As you can see your gift has helped to enhance our gifts-three beautiful, healthy and smiling kids. Thank you doesn’t begin to cover our appreciation of you. We have truly been blessed! (R.P., C.P., and K.P.)

For me my hands down nominee for the Kindest Kansas Citian is Dr. Singhal because he saved me by fixing up my face. I had a cleft palate and would have never have been able to express myself in words now, much less go out in public. He saved me from a life of shame.

Agreeably, Dr. Singhal does help people like me for a living by even then he is kind. He respects my view on what he is going to do, and is straightforward, which I feel is an unnecessary kindness. He believes in giving patient control of their care through honest, sincere and latest information and he doesn’t sugarcoat things and before and after every operation I have had, I know exactly what is going on, what was done, and what I need to know. I have a wonderful life with lots of friends and self-confidence and this is because of Dr. Singhal. He has helped so many people all over, giving them a brighter outlook and a better self-image. Dr. Singhal has devoted his life to helping other people and doing so with a positive, kind, helpful, and understanding personality.

I have great respect for Dr. Singal and he has been a role model to me. I aspire to be a doctor like him and spread his kindness to others. Even before the first surgery, I felt as if he wasn’t looking at my disfigured face, but looking at what it could become and that is something that I can’t thank him enough for. After all this time I am glad that Dr. Singhal has been a part of my life.

Dr. Singhal has dramatically affected my life for the better. I might have never been able to amount to anything, to live a life unable to express myself in words and shunned and ridiculed by society. What Dr. Singhal did for me, I can’t even begin to thank him enough for, but I can start by using this chance given to me and use it to work hard, excel, and become a doctor so that I can spread Dr. Singhal’s simple act of kindness to others, and so that I can try to repay this man for giving me a reason to live, a brand new day.