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Having excess skin and fat in the outer or inner thighs is not only challenging to correct with conventional weight loss methods, but it can also cause a loss of self-confidence and avoidance behaviors in situations where the body is exposed. At Singhal Plastic Surgery, our thigh lift procedure creates tone and definition in the thighs, helping you look better and feel better about your body.

Located in Kansas City, Missouri, Singhal Plastic Surgery is led by board-certified surgeon Dr. Virender Singhal. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out if you are a candidate for thigh lift surgery.

What is Thigh Lift Surgery?

A procedure that reshapes the inner and/or outer thighs, thigh lift surgery removes excess skin and in some cases excess fat to create better contours and definition as well as smoother skin in the thigh area for legs that you’re proud to show off.

The extent of thigh lift surgery depends on the individual condition. In cases where excess fat needs to be removed, liposuction techniques may be used, whereas excess skin is removed by excision. The incision patterns agreed on by you and Dr. Singhal depend on multiple factors such as:

  • The area to be treated
  • The extent of correction that needs to be made
  • Patient preferences
  • The experienced opinion of Dr. Singhal

Typically, incisions are created from the groin and extend outward to the hip area, although some cases may require another type of incision pattern. Doctor Singhal will carefully place incisions along the natural folds of the thigh, creating scarring that is both minimally visible and easily hidden underneath a swimsuit. Drainage tubes will be placed for a few days to prevent fluid accumulation and to hasten the healing process.

Am I a Good Candidate for Thigh Lift Surgery?

Men and women who have excess fat and/or skin in the thigh area as a result of weight fluctuations, heredity, or the natural aging process may be candidates for thigh lift surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Singhal will evaluate several factors such as your health, medical history, cosmetic goals, and expectations for surgery to determine if you are eligible for this procedure.

Although thigh lift surgery can effectively reshape the thighs and create slimmer, tighter contours, it is not a weight loss solution or a substitute for diet and exercise. Individuals who undergo this procedure should be willing to adopt a lifestyle of healthy eating and physical activity to maintain results. Future weight gain can negatively impact the longevity of your tighter, smoother thighs.

What is the Recovery Like?

Compression lower-body clothing will be placed on your incisions to control swelling and protect the new contours of your thighs, and surgical drains may be placed as well to collect excess fluid. Doctor Singhal will advise you on how much time you should take off from work and normal activities to ensure a proper healing process and post-surgical instructions will be provided for you to help reduce the risk of infection.

How Much Does Thigh Lift Cost?

As one of the most well-regarded plastic surgeons performing Thigh Lift in Kansas City, MO., Dr. Virender Singhal is here to answer all your questions about Thigh Lift. To confirm whether you are an ideal candidate for Thigh Lift, contact us today to schedule your in-person consultation.

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Dr. Virender Singhal is a highly-skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon who is dedicated to helping patients look and feel their absolute best. If you’re interested in learning more about thigh lift surgery in Kansas City, don’t hesitate to contact Singhal Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation and find out if you are a candidate for thigh lift surgery.

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