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At Singhal Plastic Surgery, we understand that visible signs of aging, such as loose skin and wrinkles, can be embarrassing and difficult to treat with just liposuction and or skin tightening procedures. While the aging process cannot be prevented, our facelift and neck lift procedures can reverse the effects of aging and create smoother, younger-looking face and neck.

Contact us today at our Kansas City office to schedule a consultation and find out how Dr. Virender Singhal can enhance your personal image. Having done thousands of facial reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries, Dr. Singhal offers neck and face lift procedures under minimal sedation and tumescent anesthesia that provides you better pain management after the surgery and a faster recovery time.

What is a Facelift?

Loose, sagging skin and prominent wrinkles on the face can be corrected with facelift surgery, or rhytidectomy. One of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures in the world, facelifts recontour the face and restore fullness and vitality to your skin.

During facelift surgery, incisions are carefully placed around the ears and into the scalp and hairline in order to minimize visible scarring. Excess fat is removed, and the underlying muscle and connective tissue is restructured to add definition to your profile. The skin is then redraped, smoothing out wrinkles and tightening the skin.


What is a Neck Lift?

A lower rhytidectomy, or neck lift, targets the visible signs of aging in the jaw and neckline. This surgery removes excess skin and/or fatty deposits in these areas that create jowls or the bturkey wattle. It also corrects the muscle banding in the neck. For individuals whose necklines do not match the upper face in terms of skin appearance, a neck lift may be appropriate.

For this procedure, incisions are also discreetly placed around the ear and hairline to minimize scarring. Excess skin is removed, and fat is either removed or redistributed. The underlying neck muscle is also tightened. The skin is then re draped to create a more chiseled neck contour.

What is Recovery Like?

As these surgeries are on your face, you will require someone to not only drive you home but to also help you with daily activities for the first 24 hours. Bruising and swelling will be present for the first few weeks, and surgical drains may be placed to collect excess fluid. You will receive instructions for any necessary aftercare, and your progress will be monitored by Dr. Singhal as you heal.

These procedures can also be performed in conjunction with other surgeries, such as blepharoplasty. These options can be discussed during your initial consultation.

How Long Will My Results Last?

After all the bruising and swelling has subsided, your new face and neck contours should be fully noticeable. These procedures are designed to create permanent results, although the natural aging process and gravity will continue to affect treated areas. At your appointment, you will receive very useful information to slow down the skin aging process and how to maintain longer lasting results.

Contact Singhal Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation and find out if a facelift or neck lift procedure is right for you.

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