Is Plastic Surgery Right For You?

When considering a plastic surgery procedure it is important to consider many factors.

First, when considering a change from an existing appearance (whether this be genetic, a result of weight loss or gain, or just from the normal aging process) it is important to analyze in depth if plastic surgery is for you, no matter how subtle or involved it might be. It is very important to note that plastic surgery may not be for you if you are singularly focused on a very minute appearance issue, which is only noticeable to you. However, for a vast majority of plastic surgery seekers, it is a straightforward concern that leads you to seek out personal improvement.

Second, in order to justify this change, it is of the utmost importance that you consult a well-trained, experienced and skilled professional and not a non-surgical consultant, office staff or other surgeon without plastic surgery training. Ancillary staff at a plastic surgeons office may have an incentive to find something for you just because it is available at that office, and not necessarily beneficial to your needs or wants. Plastic, cosmetic procedures are elective, non-essential and luxury that must not be taken lightly by the seekers or the providers.

Now that you have considered these points and have decided to explore the possibilities for cosmetic improvement, it is in your best interest that you look for the best possible surgeon for you. We have provided you some points to consider:

  1. Look at the plastic surgery office near you with the best possible rating and most helpful reviews, not just the star rating. Also, review multiple surgeons in your area, not just the ones with paid ads.
  2. Review the credentials of the surgeon. A board certified PLASTIC surgeon versus a surgeon with board certification in another area. A short training course has not safely prepared a surgeon to perform intricate plastic surgery procedures. Most plastic surgeons will have undergone 6-9 years of intense residency training and the board certification process. Uniquely, board-certified plastic surgeons are also required to fulfill continuous educational requirements.
  3. Consider the location. There is nothing wrong with traveling outside of your area to seek plastic surgery. However, be aware that there can be other factors to consider. Safety while traveling, lodging before and after your procedure, supplies needed for recovery and after procedure follow-ups. Most of the time, it is not a cost saving venture unless you have complete understanding, resources and support of family or friends to help in your care.
  4. Consider the cost. It is not necessarily helpful to call multiple offices to compare prices. If you have a procedure in mind, look at the average cost in the city/state in which you are likely to have the procedure done. Note though, that the procedure which you believe you need and the procedure recommended by your surgeon may not be the same. It is important to use this number only as a guide as you get started. You should receive a quote from your surgeon for the most appropriate procedure for you.
  5. Consider all these factors. Just like the most expensive may not always be the best, less expensive may not be worth the money either. An old adage “one gets what one paid for” is mostly true. Medical supplies can be expensive and may at times be difficult to get within an appropriate time frame. Hence, it is appropriate to consider a practice where you will be cared for from start to finish.

Let us now help you understand why you should choose Singhal Plastic Surgery.