What Is a Good Age to Go in for a Facelift?

Published on May 19, 2020 by

A facelift is a procedure where dermatologists employ certain evasive and non-evasive procedures to remove wrinkles, sagging of skin, crow’s feet, double chin, and more from the face. Although there is no age bar for doing a facelift, most dermatologists suggest patients to opt for a facelift after the age of 40. But opting any cosmetic surgery or procedure is a completely personal matter, hence if you feel that you should go for facelift at a younger age, then it is left your own volition. There are certain procedures that can only be done at a certain age, and this article tries to throw some light on that.

People Above 35

At this age, people rarely require facelift procedures since the facial skin still holds elasticity. Most of the times, people who have met with accidents, burns, or severe cuts, go for facelift surgeries. You can also choose facelift if you think you need to correct some deformities in your face. Dermal filler, botox, disport, lip filler, dermabrasion, and microneedling are some of the procedures for this age group.

People Above 40

This is the optimal age to go for a facelift. At this age, the skin starts losing elasticity, but still holds enough strength to extend it beyond 60s. Facelift procedures like deep plane facelift, neck lift, and fat transfer are some of the procedures that are recommended for this age group.

People Above 50

Though this age is considered pretty old to go for facelift, there are some procedures which can bring back the elasticity of the skin and make the face look better. Secondary facelift and pan facial rejuvenation are the procedures recommended for this age group.